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Best Practice: How I structure my React/ Redux projects

Posted on January 27, 2018

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When developing frontends I personally love to work with React and Redux due to its functional paradigms: You can easily develop, compose and test web components - Wondeful. But when developing larger projects one have to think about a good structure of components and code artifacts. When it comes to sharing components and (redux-)logic between several project a good composition is keen.

Best Practice: How I structure my React/ Redux projects

In the following I want to give you insights how I started structuring my projects almost a year ago from now and I still stick to this structure as I made good experience with it throughout the last year.

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Monitoring Kafka with Jolokia

Posted on January 11, 2018

Todays big data analytics and streaming applications often rely on Apacha Kafka. I was also working on a medium-sized data processing engine for a customer. In the first release we didn't had sophisticated solutions in place to manage Kafka like .... But since we were producing a production release we required a simple solution to monitor our Kafka Brokers. The most simple solution I've found was Jolokia.

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